video work

Nothing is more powerful at evoking emotion than video. Whether it’s heartfelt or quirky, educational or pulse-pounding, the right video content will engage people, start conversations – and, in the era of the smartphone and social media – encourage them to share this content with others. In the past 10 years, video has become a dominant force in the content world, and Vaccine has been one of the pioneers. Our award-winning video and Emmy Award-winning TV continually pushes the edge of visual storytelling.


Social media video

Henry Ford LiveWell Initiative

Asked to create engaging content for social sharing, we worked with Henry Ford Health System dietitians to create great recipes and then brought in food stylists and our production team to make healthy recipes as beautiful on the outside as they are for our insides. The result is sixty-second recipes that capture attention and have been viewed and shared hundreds of thousands of times.

Mark Phillips Stroke Care Testimonial

Every day our clients participate in literal fights for life and death. Because of this, stories of survival can seem to become routine. When presented with a story about a stroke survivor, our clients worked with us to find the texture behind the medicine that created a deeper connection of the viewer to the patient. The result is not just a story about great care, but one about family, love and passion. Mark’s story resonated with viewers and even won a 2018 National Healthcare Advertising Award.


Northwell: willard’s story

When Northwell Health asked us to produce a patient story for a Broadway singer who’s voice was compromised due to cancer, we knew there could be magic. And, as so often is the case, listening and letting the patient lead the way delivers tremendous results. Sometimes you just have to let a star be a star.


When the Henry Ford Department of Ophthalmology was looking to add video content to its website, we proposed a cost-saving method: Ask subspecialty condition and treatment questions at the end of each doctor profile video filming. By shooting both types of video at the same time, the client only paid for editing cost on each video – which could then be used in social media campaigns, and be repurposed on YouTube and the respective condition or treatment page on the client’s clinical website.

Physician Profiles

Eleven years ago we pitched an idea: let’s give every physician a video profile. Not so radical today, but in 2008, it took some convincing. Now, we produce hundreds of physician profiles every year. And internal audits of new appointments have shown patients are far more likely to make an appointment with a doctor they’ve already met on video. We just help these experts put their best foot forward.



Health alliance plan: Medicare Advantage

Health insurance can be confusing. Add to that the challenges of communication about supplemental Medicare coverage to an audience already overwhelmed with information - and you have something that to some might be insurmountable. For our client, we were tasked to create a simple animation for patients and providers to help explain this coverage. Fortunately, we have economical ways of creating and engaging - with a resulting piece that clears up the confusion.

Gut health

Our team helped launch a series of Instagram videos for a functional medicine physician who needed a little visual aid to discuss gut health in a way that wouldn’t lose the audience.


What is precision medicine?

The healthcare landscape is rapidly changing. So are the terms and concepts consumers are asked to understand and engage in. When our client asked us to create a simple explanation of a new approach to cancer treatment known as precision medicine, we gathered our animators and got to work. The result was a method to disseminate this new landscape and provide a little more hope along the way.


Commercial Storytelling

Greenworks: Lawn tools for life

Launching a new power tool line in a crowded marketplace is not easy. Convincing a consumer to choose an all-electric platform while positioning next to dozens of traditional, gas-powered alternatives could have been an insurmountable challenge. Working with other branding colleagues across the country, we developed a smart, short-form video to give the new brand a kickstart and introduce the world to a new line of gas-free, outdoor power tools.

Pizza hut: KiDs EAT Free!

As with any relationship, giving should be a two-way street. With Kids Eat Free!, we helped Pizza Hut re-energize their dine-in traffic through a campaign that gave parents an excuse to eat out together and the kids a reintroduction to a great pizza-eating experience. This limited-time, kid-centric campaign helped to boost sales and reminded us that we must never give up our search for opportunities to reconnect with customers we may have lost.


Ace Hardware

Personalize and localize. Working with Southeast Michigan ACE Hardware stores, we worked with our media partner Harrison Media to create engaging media that complimented a national campaign helping local stores the ability personalize a message and build their local brand.

Sanctuary at St. Joseph’s Village

Telling a compelling story in 30 seconds is no small task and in the ultra-competitive landscape of senior living communities, this message needs to have immediate return on investment. Working with Sanctuary communities throughout Michigan, we helped to share a message of independence and elegance while connecting perspective residents to a memorable face and a brand that epitomizes comfort.


Long-Form Content

Henry Ford Hospital 100 Year TV Special

How do you tell a 100-year story for a hospital that has changed the health care landscape, survived riots and recessions and been home to some of the biggest names in medicine? You make television. Vaccine created a 30-minute TV special and engaged thousands more online to give the Hospital the celebration even Henry himself would be proud of.

Minds of Medicine TV

Medicine can be a challenge to explain in 30 seconds. Or 60 seconds. Henry Ford Health System wanted to create something that stood out and let their physicians stand out in the process. To accomplish this we created a half-hour TV program called Minds of Medicine. This documentary-style program gave viewers behind-the-scenes access to the decisions and effort that goes into saving lives at one of America’s top hospitals. It also allowed the hospital to connect to prospective patients with live, online chats after the show – leading to thousands of online appointments.

To date, Minds of Medicine has been seen by over 30 million viewers and has won dozens of Emmy Awards.


Short-Form Storytelling


When you only have 5 minutes to share a story and hundreds of children are counting on this message to help them go to school, get out of poverty and possibly survive - you create a film. To help tell the story of Key of Hope - a charity that helps AIDS orphans in South Africa, we told Cazile’s story and helped them raise enough money to grow their ministry from 500 kids to over 1000 kids reached every week.


Motion Analysis Lab

To help give needed publicity to a nearby research lab, we created a short piece utilizing some of the actual footage of the lab tests in motion. Colorizing these x-rays, we created art that also told the story of a laboratory whose research will guide orthopedic treatments in the future.

Dymo Labeler

Working with partners in Atlanta, we helped create an engaging video that highlights the features and rugged benefits of the new labelers. combining motion graphics and video, we are able build a compelling narrative that captures attention and sells the product.


Northwell - It could be your parent

Customer service and health care. For years, these two things were disconnected, disparate concepts. Today, fortunately, this trend has changed. To help illustrate an exceptional service story, we were asked to tell the story of one hospital director’s personal experience. The result gave an emotional impact to colleagues and patients.


Training & Product or Service Introductions

NORTHWELL HEALTH: What Diversity Means

More than just saying that an organization is diverse, our client Northwell Health sought out to define some of the principles they strive to exemplify. Gathering people from throughout the organization, we helped to provide a colorful tapestry without using any color at all.

TGI Fridays Training Video Series

Making safety videos isn’t always the most creative work. At least that’s how many approach it. We look to create engaging content no matter the subject matter. For TGI Fridays we build a multi-video series to highlight food safety. The result was a wildly fun series that was translated into seven languages and seen by employees around the world.

Pharmacy Advantage: Specialty Pharmacy

Working with our partners, we helped launch a new platform for pharmacy ordering and a new name in the marketplace for specialty pharmaceuticals. Showing each step of the ordering and shipping process, we gave customers the whole picture in under three minutes.

Accenture: Admissions

Delivering care with a new computerized medical record is intimidating to any organization. For Accenture and Henry Ford, we helped them build a “road show” of sorts with video highlighting how each step of the care process can be handled within the platform.