multimedia work

People are more distracted than ever before, but with a strategic content plan that includes multimedia, you can reach them where they’re at. From targeted social media, website optimization and digital marketing campaigns, to more traditional mediums such as radio, outdoor and graphics, multimedia initiatives offer a way to cut through the clamor, get noticed and build excitement for your brand story.


Social media



CHALLENGE: Henry Ford Ophthalmology wanted to drive new patient traffic to specific physicians in multiple subspecialties at different centers, all while minimizing cost. 

SOLUTION: We developed a complex social media campaign based around educational videos. Each of these videos featured one of the eye physicians offering a PSA-style discussion of a condition or treatment. We then developed a Facebook boosted post campaign, targeting each post to a small radius around the physicians’ respective eye centers, and cross-promoted on the client’s Twitter, YouTube and website – where viewers could easily click through to make an appointment with the featured physician. We were able to limit media cost to a $100 Facebook boost for most posts, while delivering almost 50,000 video engagements and driving new patient leads. 





CHALLENGE: The client's existing website was not delivering enough leads for its wedding business, a key revenue source for this self-sustaining, nonprofit National Historic Landmark. 

SOLUTION: We developed a custom, responsive WordPress website solution optimized for mobile. Given that brides are very specific in their wedding needs, our new site plan broke out and expanded the existing page of wedding content into nine separate, keyword-optimized wedding experience pages, then coupled this with a new Google AdWords campaign featuring an ad group targeted to each of these experiences. In addition, we instituted a new conversion tracking system to gain better insight into where they were getting the most leads. As a result of the digital campaign, Meadow Brook experienced its best year of wedding bookings. The new website also included expanded, optimized content for business events, tours and community programs, laying the groundwork for future campaigns in these other revenue-producing areas. 



CHALLENGE: This distributor of Hunter Douglas window treatments had an outdated website that was not optimized for mobile, had poor UX and didn’t offer a large enough gallery of product images for potential customers to review – a key factor in the purchasing process for window treatments. 

SOLUTION: We developed a custom WordPress website that made it easy for customers to review the major types of window treatments in a lush image gallery. The simple and clean design of the site also featured a series of category portal boxes that potential customers could use to quickly drill down to the specific page of interest. Finally, we expanded the client’s existing content, creating several new pages optimized around specific product search terms.  



CHALLENGE: Epilepsy seizures and other symptoms can strike out of nowhere. It’s a potentially debilitating condition that can have several effects on a patient’s lifestyle., and it carries a stigma. The Henry Ford epilepsy center wanted to increase awareness of epilepsy challenges while providing actionable tips.

SOLUTION: We developed a series of blog posts for Henry Ford’s LiveWell blog. Each post featured a Henry Ford neurologist, and the topics ranged from general life hacks and how to travel with epilepsy, to epilepsy and pregnancy as well as how to provide first aid to someone who’s having a seizure.


product launch



CHALLENGE: The client wanted to launch a new company in the ultra-competitive online, roll-packed foam mattress industry. Competitors like Casper and Tuft & Needle had quickly turned the bedding industry on its head, and these and others had become dominant brands.

SOLUTION: We developed an in-depth marketing strategy, sizing up the competition and finding the chinks in the armor that would allow Hula Bedding Co. to target the right customers and build market share. Given that the Hula Bed and companion pillows were made of coconut foam, the branding focused on a tropical vacation approach, with the tagline, “Your Dream’s Vacation.” The product launch included a new identity centered around an illustrated, family-friendly hula girl, which we rolled out to a new fun and funky website, product packaging and targeted remarketing campaigns across the web and social media, including holiday . We also developed several complementary pieces, including a custom box cutter and a card with a referral discount prompt.

Hula Bed_Remarketing Ad_Halloween_728x90px.jpg



Medical Minute Radio

CHALLENGE: Mercy Memorial Hospital System wanted to build awareness of multiple health topics and hospital initiatives to potential patients in their community.

SOLUTION: We developed a Mercy Memorial Medical Minute radio series. Each episode featured a scripted conversation between an agency host and guest medical expert, either a physician or administrator. To streamline production and make it easier for the VIP guests to record their parts, we built a mobile, shielded VO recording kit that could be set up in any room at the hospital or outpatient facilities. With this system, we produced 40 spots quickly and efficiently. The series significantly raised the profile of the hospital system in the region, helped drive traffic to specific initiatives and won a Bronze Award in the National Healthcare Advertising Awards. 




er outdoor

CHALLENGE: Mercy Memorial wanted to boost traffic to its ERs. People already sought them out for recognized emergencies such as chest pain, but did not always realize that ER physicians could treat everyday conditions such as strains and broken bones.

SOLUTION: We developed a series of compelling outdoor concepts, including one specifically focused on pediatric patients. For another concept, focusing on the range of conditions Mercy Memorial ER physicians treat (“Sprains, Strains & Chest Pain”), we couldn’t find the right stock image to fit the outdoor configuration. The client didn’t have budget for a new photo shoot, so we staged our own at the agency, using one of our team members as the model patient.




Mercy Memorial Top Workplaces campaign

CHALLENGE: The client was named one of the Top 100 Workplaces by the Detroit Free Press. They wanted to leverage this award to boost awareness and support among patients and employees throughout the medical campus. 

SOLUTION: We developed a campaign centered around a series of graphics that were posted at the hospital and at other outpatient facilities. The largest pieces featured photos we shot of representative employees, who also gave testimonials explaining why they liked working at Mercy Memorial. In addition, we developed smaller award logo graphics and posted these at the entrances of key high-traffic buildings. The coordinated campaign also included local print ads, digital banners on the client website and a promotional item handout for employees, thanking them for their service.